Hair Transplantation Savannah Georgia- Hair Restoration Savannah
There are many different types of hair loss and even the more common types may have different hair transplantation solutions.



Hair Transplantation Methods

Hair transplantation was around before the ’50s, and the first methods left patients with plugs of hair that looked utterly fake. With the advent of micro-grafts in the ’90s, a patient could obtain more natural-looking results. They achieve this method by removing a strip of hair containing scalp, suturing up the donor site, and cutting the strip into tiny grafts usually containing from 1 to 4 hair follicles. This method left a scar on the back of the head, easily visible if the patient wanted shorter hair. This stripping method is called FUT (follicular unit transfer) by some physicians.

Introduced in 2002, FUE (follicular unit extraction) often leaves no linear scar, thus invisible with short hair. This advancement is a milestone. NeoGraft is an automated FUE, which allows the extraction of more grafts during one sitting.


Hair Transplantation Savannah Georgia- Hair Restoration Savannah

Grafts come from your own hair; it’s important to understand that you may need more in the future.

Hair Transplantation to Avoid

Those seeking out a qualified business to have hair transplantation need to be aware of some less than scrupulous come-ons that appear to be less expensive but often cost more with less graft take and the presence of the linear scar in the back of the scalp.

Some offices offer prices of $2.50 per graft; however, upon consultation, patients found that the cost may be only for the first 250 or 500 grafts and often end up paying more as a result. These stories have come back to me from patients, many of whom consulted me first but went elsewhere only to end up back in my office to correct various problems.

At some consultations, patients realize they need up to 3500 grafts. When removing this amount from the back of the scalp where the patient has the most density, this could result in the patient not having enough grafts left if they continue to have hair loss as they age, requiring more hair to be transplanted. Besides, if we remove too much hair, the donor site looks too sparse. Inserting too many hair follicles could cause fewer grafts to take due to overcrowding. These issues don’ happen when using technicians with skill and experience. FUE grafts contain from 1-4 hair follicles. Three thousand five hundred single hair follicles do not have as many follicles as 2500 multiple hair follicle grafts.


Hair Transplantation Savannah Georgia- Hair Restoration Savannah
The process uses healthy grafts from your own scalp, to produce more natural growth and appearance.


Bad Hair Transplantation Experiences

In Savannah, Georgia, I recently saw a man who had a broad white scar on the back of his scalp, which went from ear to ear. He had decided to shave his entire head after obviously undergoing a transplant procedure. That office did not warn him. If he continued to bald that, there would be short hairs left to graft later. This procedure ended up leaving him with transplanted hair in certain areas, surrounded by bald regions. He decided to shave his head, but this left him with a big white scar on the back of his head. He was not a good candidate for hair transplantation in the first place.

I have turned down patients seeking hair transplantations if they had insufficient hair in their donor sites compared to their balding areas. Such patients should be made aware of this before hair transplantation.

Another patient I saw in Savannah, Georgia, was told by another group that they provided Neograft technology and would perform the procedure for a lower price. He opted to go with the “cheaper” fee, although he drove 5 hours to the procedure center. When he returned to my office, he had a very noticeable scar (even though they said they performed Neograft). The procedure had also ended up costing more than my quote. He wanted to know if we could transplant more hair to make the scar less visible. He’d previously gotten the strip (and a scar)method instead of the Neograft that he thought he was getting.

Hair Transplantation Savannah Georgia- Hair Restoration Savannah
Here is one of our own Hair Transplantation clients and his growth after a year from receiving 2379 grafts.


Experience is Crucial for a Hair Transplantation

Another consideration is, ‘How many transplants have the physician and/or his technicians performed?’ Training and skill are essential for excellent results. The more efficient the surgeon or the technicians are, the quicker they can extract and implant the hair follicles. The longer the follicles have to remain out before transplanting, the less chance they have of surviving. The grafts must get back in the scalp ASAP to a blood supply.

It’s essential to consider the direction of the implanted hair follicles. If they are not planted in the proper order that the hair naturally grows in that particular area. The result may be that the hair grows straight up or even toward the rear. This result is abnormal and looks unnatural. Additionally, single grafts should be used for the frontal area to look natural, and 2-4 hair follicle grafts are placed behind that area to give more fullness.

African-American hair must be transplanted differently than Caucasian, so surgeons and technicians must know different hair types.

Hair Transplantation Savannah Georgia- Hair Restoration Savannah

Here is another one of our clients after a year receiving 4050 grafts of her own hair and scalp reduction.

Choose Hair Restoration Savannah 

With today’s technology, those that qualify for hair transplants should see perfectly natural results and include both men and women; however, it is essential to know the right questions to ask during the consultation. Hopefully, this article has been enlightening.

My final advice. Buyer beware.

At Hair Restoration Savannah in Savannah, Georgia, we understand what hair loss clients want. We always advise the most effective solutions, even if that means methods other than Neograft. Our experience in various clientele means you’re consultation and hair transplant or treatment will be personal to hair loss experience.

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