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The cost of Neograft and the FUT strip method of hair restoration is based on the number of grafts and varies between $5-$7 per graft depending on the provider and the US region. Each graft contains between 1-4 hair follicles on average. Hair Restoration Savannah is competitively priced and offers discounts for high graft procedures. Check our seasonal offers. regularly.

Experience counts when it comes to Hair Restoration 

Hair Restoration Savannah’s Medical Director  Dr. E. Ronald Finger was the first physician to offer FUT Strip hair transplantation, and he was also the 1st Neograft provider in the Coastal Empire. Our team has performed  over 4000 hair transplants successfully and Hair Restoration Savannah proudly offers interest-free financing for up to 12-months to qualified applicants.

Before and 4 Months after 2500 Neograft Hair Transplant
Before and after hair restoration for male hair loss
Before and after 1 year
Before and after strip method of hair restoration

The cost for Neograft is similar to the FUT strip method.The benefit of NeoGraft is that the procedure allows our team to work without a scalpel or stitches, which then presents the benefit of no linear scar. Downtime is minimal and patients can usually return to work and resume their normal activities within 3-5 days. Some patients may only require 500-700 hundred grafts, whereas others need the full amount of 2500-3000  grafts. Neograft can be repeated after 12-16 months if the patient has plenty of healthy hair at the donor site. This is especially important to younger male patients that suffer from genetic male pattern baldness. Though the grafted hair will be there permanently, hair loss in other areas continue as they age. This type of patient may choose to address their hair line with the 1st Neograft procedure and follow up with a 2nd transplant for hair lost at the crown. Some female and male patients also choose Neograft to thicken their mane and to increase overall hair volume.

Is the Neograft Cost or FUT Strip Transplant Cost different for women?

No, the cost for NeoGraft  or the strip method is based only on graft amount and the discounts offered at the time of inquiry. Women and men can both be good candidates and Neograft is ideal for short hair-styles because there will be no visible linear scar. The grafted hair grows back naturally. Best Results will be seen 12-months to 16-months post procedure. Neograft does require a small area at the donor site to be shaved but this can be covered up by longer hair covering the area, much like with FUT strip method.  In the case of short hair styles the hair will blend in within just a few weeks after the procedure.

Dr. Finger often suggests the FUT Strip method to patients that need maximum grafts in one transplant because of limitations due to hair loss or thin hair at donor site.  The method is also perfect for patients that do not wear their hair extremely short due to the small scar at the donor site. The FUT method is performed under local anesthesia like Neograft and recovery time is also similar to Neograft. There is no need to shave the entire head and the thin scar at the donor site is inconspicuous if performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Finger. Best Results will be seen 12-months to 16-months post procedure.  Learn which hair restoration method is best for you by booking your initial consultation with Dr. Finger in Savannah or Bluffton.

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