Female Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Solutions

Female Hair loss is one of the hardest emotional issues to deal with for any woman. Women are identified by their hair and hairstyles and society considers it an important feminine quality to have beautiful healthy hair. Unfortunately, by age 60, almost 40% of women will experience hair loss. At Hair Restoration Savannah, our team can restore hair permanently. We can do so with a variety of combination treatments and permanent hair restoration.

Female Hair Loss and Hair Restoration with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Some female patients are suffering from hair loss due to situational stress, imbalanced hormones, or tight hair styles, wigs, and extensions. If the follicles are weak, or damaged from temporary conditions such as the ones mentioned above, PRP  and certain hair growth products can be the answer to stimulate new hair growth for a healthy mane. 

Of course, if traction alopecia (hair loss caused by pulling) has progressed in such a fashion where the follicles were killed and the patient suffers from extreme balding as a side-effect, hair transplantation may be the only way to go. 

Genetic hair loss such as female pattern baldness, or male pattern baldness can sometimes be slowed down with PRP, however a hair transplant or multiple hair transplants may be necessary in conjunction with PRP therapy to regrow the hair lost. Dr. Finger and his team offer many options to restore hair in the case of female hair loss. One of them in addition to PRP Therapy is NeoGraft. 

NeoGraft for Female Hair Loss

If you are considering hair transplant surgery, our hair restoration center recommends NeoGraft; a scarless, painless, permanent, natural-looking hair replacement technique.  With this method which is called Unit Extraction (FUE), hair grafts are taken from the back of the scalp and placed into the desired, thinning area. Results are completely natural-looking. One requirement for NeoGraft is the availability of donor hair at the back of the head or the sides of the head in some cases may be sufficient.

The Strip Method for Female Hair Loss

The strip method of hair restoration also called FUT method can be ideal for female hair loss, because most women do not wear extremely short hair styles.

The strip method of hair transplantation requires Dr. Finger to excise a small strip of tissue containing hair follicles from the back of the head. This method is known to cause a smiley face scar at the back of the head. 

The strip method allows our surgeon Dr. E. Ronald Finger to retrieve more hair grafts in one procedure, therefore yielding in amazing results. Some women are afraid to commit to the strip method  because of the fine linear scar at the back of the head, however Dr. Finger has mastered the strip method with a special suturing technique over the past 20 years and he says,  “scarring is so minimal that it can only be seen if you shave the hair down very close to the scalp. Learn more about the strip method versus Neograft.

Before and after NeoGraft
Before and after Strip Hair Transplantation for women
Female HAIR LOSS Before and after Neograft Hair Transplant 1325 grafts
Neograft before and after - fight female hair loss with PRP and Hair Transplantation

Hair Restoration Savannah diagnoses and treats Female Hair Loss effectively

Before and after Strip Hair Transplantation for women
Before and after Strip Method of hair restoration

How Neograft Hair Restoration works

Some of the causes of Female hair loss are:

Hormonal Imbalance:

When women are experiencing hair loss an elevated level of testosterone/DHT may be responsible. A blood hormonal profile can help diagnose a hormonal imbalance.  Treating hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance with Rogaine 2% (or 5% if post-menopausal and if 2% doesn’t work) and/or finasteride (Proscar* or Propecia).  This is an over-the-counter supplement for prostate hypertrophy, such as Saw Palmetto, may also be effective. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can have a positive impact on hair regrowth in some cases and is a great solution for men and women for overall health and as a natural anti-aging method.

Thyroid Condition:

Hyperthyroidism, a deficiency or excess in thyroid hormones, can cause hair loss. Additional blood profiles can determine if Hyperthyroidism is the cause.

Scarring from chemical burns and “Traction Alopecia”

A common cause for female hair loss, espcecially in ethnic women, are chemical burns from relaxers and harsh hair products that are used to straighten the hair. Other contributing factors are often constant pulling of tight braids, weaves, and tight ponytails this is called traction alopecia and is common in all ethnicities. The hair loss caused by traction alopecia is often evident in the hairline and near the ear wear the constant pulling takes place, however with the weave craze over the last decade, we are also seeing random spots of baldness caused by tape-in weaves and sew in weaves.

Assuming hormonal imbalance is ruled out as a cause, Dr. Finger often recommends PRP Therapy with hair medications, and specific supplements and Products. PRP can also restore the hair and can be combined with a permanent transplant option such as FUT strip transplant , or FUE Neograft transplant.  

Before and after hair restoration by Dr. E. Ronald Finger
Before and after 2 Neografts and scalp reduction by Dr. E. Ronald Finger

Hair Restoration options for Female Hair Loss include:

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