Hair Restoration Savannah offers multiple Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss can appear in a variety of ways— a receding hairline, overall hair thinning, balding crown, or thinning eyebrows— but in any circumstance, the loss of hair will change a person’s appearance and have a huge effect on his or her self-esteem and self-identity. There are many hair loss solutions available to the public, but none more impressive than the NeoGraft Hair Restoration.  The appearance of healthy, full hair can boost confidence and is considered a sign of beauty and youth, for both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. Dr. Finger also offers the FUE Strip Method, which allows him to retrieve more grafts in one procedure. Dr. Finger is very skilled and scarring is very minimal. Offering multiple Hair Loss Solutions means patients have options.

Before and After 1502 NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Why choose us

Dr. Finger is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with over 40 years of experience in Plastic Surgery and Hair Restoration. Dr. Finger is dedicated to offering multiple Hair Loss Solutions to men and women suffering from severe hair loss and combine them with the best hair transplant option. Our team at Hair Restoration Savannah also recommends PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy in conjunction with hair transplantation.  PRP can slow down hair loss and help to regrow hair. If you suffer from Male pattern baldness, it will most likely take a combination of PRP Therapy, Hair Transplantation, and Lowlight Laser Therapy. (Laser Caps, Laser Combs).

Before and 1 Year After 2379 NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Hair Loss can be traumatic and is often the cause of depression and self-esteem issues. Hair Restoration with the FUT (Strip Method) or FUE method can restore the thickness and placement of your hair permanently. Those suffering from receding, balding, or thinning hair may finally regain the confidence lost. The ability to undergo multiple treatments when you opt for FUE is certainly an advantage. In male pattern baldness, for example, one might need to do the crown and the receding hairline, which can require two treatments depending on how many grafts are needed. You can also ask Dr. Finger if you should opt for FUT if the hair loss is severe and you don’t wear an extremely short hairstyle. Multiple Hair Loss Solutions means you have options when it comes to how to restore your hair.

Thanks to the innovative Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE method), and the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System, Dr. Finger is able to provide patients with minimally invasive hair restoration via NeoGraft Hair Restoration. This method is completed by our experienced Hair Technicians and Dr. Finger is on-premise for Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Consultations. Dr. Finger and Team have performed over 4000 Hair Transplants over the past 2 decades and are considered experts when it comes to providing effective long-lasting hair loss solutions.

Hair Restoration Savannah offers multiple Hair Loss Solutions

Neograft Advantages:

    • No Scalpel or Sutures
    • No Linear Scar
    • Multiple Treatments are possible
    • For all ethnicities
    • Ideal for men and women
    • A minimally invasive technique to achieve hair restoration
    • More individualized, precise placement of hair follicles
    • Thicker, fuller healthier hair
    • Natural-looking Results

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