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Hair Loss Issues & Hair Loss Treatments

If you are seeking hair loss treatments, look no further! We offer customized packages for a multitude of hair loss!

Male Pattern Baldness

When you think of Hair Loss, we often think of male pattern baldness. It’s one of the most common types of hair loss. It typically begins with a receding hairline or balding of the crown (the top near the back). 

Here’s the thing, the key to dealing with ANY hair loss is handling it earlier. As soon as you notice signs, see a hair doctor near you! We offer hair regrowth & hair loss treatments in Savannah, Georgia.

A good candidate would have a “donor site” (the back of the scalp) with plenty of thick hair. Virtually everyone has hair on the back of the scalp, even into their nineties. These are the ideal hair follicles for a hair transplant because they are genetically coded never to fall out. When we use these grafts, they still won’t fall out no matter where we place them. Another important factor is that there isn’t already too much hair loss.

African Americans can benefit from Neograft Hair Restoration - The no linear Scar Method of hair transplantation
African Americans can benefit from Neograft Hair Restoration – The no linear Scar method of hair transplantation. This young man suffers from Male Pattern Baldness and had 1500 Grafts and the picture shows him before and after 12-months.

How Does Aging Affect Hair Loss?

Typically a person is born with 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles. When Dr. Finger or one of our Hair Specialists completes a hair transplant, we redistribute suitable follicles for grafts. We extract them from the area that will grow hair for decades. 

About 40% of females have noticeable hair loss by 50, and unfortunately, hair loss is much more acceptable in men than women. A hair transplant is usually a home run in females providing they are good candidates. The restrictions are similar to those of men. Check out our gallery of men and women before and after Hair Transplantation. 

49 year old, 1,877 grafts to hair line, 1 yr afterBefore and After 12 months 1,877 grafts -Strip Method

Can A Facelift Cause Hair Loss?

Unfortunately, specific facelift techniques remove areas that grow hair, such as the hairline behind the ear. When a facelift is not properly planned, it leads to improper execution. Often the neck skin is brought into the scalp area behind the ear. This method leaves a bald spot and prevents patients from wearing their hair in certain styles. The same can be said about the sideburn and temporal areas following a facelift. 

Similarly, a brow or forehead lift can also raise the hairline excessively. 

The best treatment would be a hair transplant. Some people inherit high foreheads and want their hairline lowered. As with Male Pattern Baldness, hair transplantation is the treatment of choice.

Can A Hair Transplant Be Done On The Eyebrows?

Many people have plucked or waxed their eyebrows to the point that they have virtually none left. A tedious but excellent remedy is hair transplants with single hair grafts. The hairs are directed outward and somewhat upwards to appear natural. Patients have to trim the hair that grows more often because otherwise, it will grow too long. 

We offer permanent eyebrow hair loss treatment via Neograft Hair Transplant at our hair clinic in Savannah!

Hair Transplant Results with NeoGraft
70-year-old female Before and After 12-months 4050 Grafts & Scalp Reduction.

Hair Loss Treatments For Traction Alopecia

Another common type of hair loss is called traction alopecia. There are many causes of this type of hair loss. Wearing tight braids, wigs, ponytails, and other tight hairstyles often causes the hair follicles to be damaged, leading to traction alopecia. Any chronic traction on the hair, and thus hair follicles, frequently causes permanent hair loss. An experienced expert must individually assess these cases to see if they are candidates for a hair transplant. If so, the Hair Transplantation and sometimes a scalp reduction coupled with a Hair Transplant can be the only way to counter the permanent hair loss.

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