healthy eating for hair growth

Nutrients for Hair Growth

Recently taken from the Women’s Health magazine was an article entitled “Feed Your Scalp.” It stated, Herbivores, take note: “Hair follicles can be sensitive to nutritional imbalance,” says Pullan, who notices that many of his female clients lose their hair when they become vegetarian. The thought is that they need more protein than can be extracted with vegetables as well as iron. The latter would be necessary for a higher hemoglobin and oxygen content necessary for the hair follicles.

Add plenty of nuts and beans to your diet for those much-needed proteins, and leafy vegetables also have proteins as well as iron, especially dark green vegetables. Plus, the many phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins found in vegetables are so important to the cells that produce your hair as well as your skin. Another source would be marine algae or spirolina. Juicing is healthful as well, but you must make sure you get enough fiber.

According to WebMD the ten foods that promote hair growth are:




Sweet potatoes




Greek Yogurt

Blue berries


Supplements I have found that help hair growth are BioSil, which also helps with nail growth and joint pain, and Biotin. Health food stores also have combinations of supplements and amino acids for hair growth.

About 30% of women after age 50 have thinning hair. Your dermatologist or family physician should perform first, hormonal studies. Then consider Rogaine 5%, topical medication over-the-counter medication, which has helped millions of people, both men and women. I have placed many people on Rogaine (minoxidil), and have found it mostly keeps more hair from falling out. Minoxidil may thicken the diameter of the hairs you have not lost also. I prefer the minoxidil foam over the solution because it seems less oily. Keep in mind that if you use minoxidil for 6 months and you see no change, that is a success!

If you have female or male pattern baldness, the NeoGraft hair restoration will add completely natural appearing permanent growing hair to your scalp without scars. It’s the latest technology.

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