The Male Pattern Baldness Issue

For a man, there is very little that can affect his appearance more than losing his hair. In simple terms, it affects every aspect of your life. All of a sudden, without hair, you feel like “less of a man” you feel less respected at work, you’re feeling invisible to the ladies, and so on.

It doesn’t matter whether these are factual or not, if you “feel” it, then it is true. That is that.

So in response to this, there is a huge industry that has risen up regarding hair loss. There is lotions, potions, wigs,  and painful Hair Transplant Surgery. But what works, and what doesn’t?

NeoGraft Hair Restoration is permanent and virtually pain free. No scalpel is used, the procedure leaves no scars and there is no stitches needed. Recovery is fairly quick and you can go back to work a few days later.

Male Pattern Baldness
As seen above this patient experienced male pattern baldness, as you can see with his treatments at Hair Restoration Savannah the transformation is tremendous.