Can you transplant hair to the eyebrows?

The loss of eyebrows is very common, especially in women who have over-plucked them. Unfortunately, plucking eyebrows often damages the hair follicle and the hair is lost forever in many cases. Neograft for eyebrows and scars can now aid in returning your eyebrows to natural growth.

Fads come and go regarding the trends for eyebrow thickness, and many people become overzealous when they have their tweezer in hand. I have known people literally who plucked out all of their eyebrows and then were unable to grow eyebrows at all! And still, there are other cases when the cause of eyebrow loss is the result of burns or an injury resulting in scars to the eyebrow area.

Many of these patients resort to medical pigmenting or “tattoos”, and although it is helpful to have some color in the eyebrow location, it isn’t a natural-appearing eyebrow. You’ve probably seen the commercial for Latisse used for growing eyelashes. You can also use this product on the eyebrows, and it does result in hair growth in many cases, and I suggest using this initially. It’s available by prescription and is an easy-to-apply topical solution.

If Latisse is not successful, the next step is NeoGraft FUE (follicular unit extraction) transplantation from the back of the scalp to the eyebrows. This procedure works, but must be done meticulously and with great skill by someone who has experience in this subspecialty of hair transplantation.

Here’s how it works: the hairs must be surgically removed with the NeoGraft as single hair follicles from the back of the scalp. They must then be inserted into a previously designed brow at an extreme angle and also in the proper direction to achieve a normal looking brow. Typically from 250 to 350 grafts are needed for each brow. Remember that these are hairs from your scalp, so the will continue to grow and must be trimmed when too long.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes from 3 to 4 hours to perform. After the procedure there may be some minor scabbing for a few days. The hairs will fall out at about the third week from “hair shock,” which is typical. They then regrow at about the third or forth month and then you’ll have eyebrows forever. If not done properly, the hairs may grow in the wrong direction and/or the brow may have visible scars. These would be rare when done with someone with the necessary artistry, skill and experience. NeoGraft is the state-of-the-art in hair transplantation for both the scalp and eyebrows.

Hair Loss in different areas treated NeoGraft Hair Transplant System

Brow – Many women pluck their eyebrows to the point they cease to grow. These hairs can be replaced with the NeoGraft System. The hair grafts are from the back of the scalp, so they will have to be trimmed occasionally because they will continue to grow. The brow hairs must be replaced with single follicle grafts, which is perfect for the NeoGraft.

Loss of hair from burns – This can occur from harsh chemicals on the scalp as well as accidental flame or other types of burns. These scars can be unsightly and embarrassing. The NeoGraft System is ideal for correction of this problem because the blood supply in these areas may be deficient, and the “take” rate using NeoGraft is about 99%.

Sideburns and hair loss from face lifts – Once a significant problem is now easily treated with the NeoGraft System. In this situation as well as the brow, the hairs must be grafted at an angle to mimic the direction of the recipient site hairs to look completely natural.