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Dr. Finger is the Medical Director of Finger and Associates and Hair Restoration Savannah and agrees that Hair loss can cause anxiety, lack of self-esteem and a slew of other emotions that go along with male and female hair loss issues.  Hair restoration is one of the most sought after emotions that many people wish for. Dr. Finger’s videos will provide an understanding about the journey of Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery.

NeoGraft is a breakthrough for men and women who want to restore their own hair to achieve a more fuller, healthier head of hair. While advantages of NeoGraft are many, the process is simple and allows you to recreate a full and natural-looking hairline, using your own hair. Reducing recovery time without linear scarring allow you to enjoy your own hair.

Dr. Finger was the 1st Dr. in the Savannah area to offer NeoGraft in addition to offering FUT Strip Hair Transplantation.

Dr. Finger tells the story about Hair Restoration and why he opted to offer NeoGraft FUE as a long-lasting Solution


Watch Dr. Finger’s Videos


Meet Dr. Finger the first board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Savannah