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5 Star Reviews – Hair Restoration Patients

The team at Hair Restoration Savannah understands how important advances in technology are and offers NeoGraft Hair Restoration as a minimally invasive solution. Dr. E. Ronald Finger, the medical director of Hair Restoration Savannah, is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with over 35 years of medical experience. He welcomes you to Hair Restoration Savannah and encourages you to research your options in the area of Hair Restoration. Hair Restoration Savannah was the 1st in the Savannah and surrounding area to offer the NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure as an alternative to the traditional Strip Method. This site was created to give anyone searching for “Hair Loss Solutions” the option to learn more about Hair Restoration and for current patients to leave reviews and talk about their experience with the team at Hair Restoration Savannah.

As you know prior to going on vacation, the various sites get pulled up and if you see  great reviews, you are more inclined to book that particular hotel or trip. As you know, Dr. Finger was not only the first to offer NeoGraft Hair Restoration, he was also the first board certified plastic surgeon in the coastal empire. He is experienced and owns and operates Hair Restoration Savannah. He supervises the Transplants and sees patients pre-op and post-op to be certain all questions and concerns are addressed properly. Dr. Finger has helped many men and women restore their hair over the past decade and counts on reviews to have the opportunity to help more people suffering from hair loss.

Hair Restoration Savannah also offers the Strip Method and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. The PRP Scalp Treatment with or without Hair Restoration can have a powerful effect on the regrowth of grafted hair, promotes hair growth even without hair transplant.


5 Star Live Review by a real patient after receiving NeoGraft Hair Restoration performed at Hair Restoration Savannah & Finger and Associates owned by E. Ronald Finger, MD.

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Hair Restoration Savannah Reviews

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 20 reviews

by Anonymous on Savannah Hair Transplant
Exceptional Experience!

The entire experience with the office and staff of Dr. Finger was exceptional. I had never had a cosmetic procedure and was intimidated prior to this. The staff made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I called. As for the procedure itself, a NeoGraft hair replacement, it has been nothing short of amazing. I will say in fairness that the square patch to the back of the head was embarrassing until the hair grew in, however, the results were as advertised and then some. Now, over a year later, I could not be happier. My before and after images are stunning. With regards to the office and staff; they are truly professional, courteous, and kind.

Before and After NeoGraft!

I had lost a lot of hair so I decided to visit Dr. Ronald Finger of Finger and Associates in Savannah, Ga. He recommended a NeoGraft hair transplant. I under went the procedure and could not be more pleased the results. I highly recommend Dr. Ronald Finger to anyone who may be interested in hair restoration. The pictures below tell the story!! By the way here’s his telephone number: 912-354-4411.

by Real Self on Savannah Hair Transplant

I went to Dr. Finger’s office for help with my Alopecia Areata patch on my beard and hair loss. Dr. Finger and Dallas were VERY helpful and made several suggestions to help me with my hair loss. One of the suggestions was PRP. I scheduled my PRP with Dallas for the following month and was very surprised how reasonable the PRP was. I was also surprised how Dr. Finger did not try and sell me a hair transplant procedure along with the PRP. He wanted to see what results would come from the PRP itself.I must say after my PRP injection I began seeing growth on my beard within 2 weeks!! It has been about 50 days and I have almost completely grown in my bald spot on my beard! I am amazed and so happy with the PRP injection results! My hair is also beginning to see some results but according to research it will take three to four months to start some new growth. I am already scheduled for my next injection and looking forward to the same results as my beard. I also wanted to mention how professional the entire staff is and extra shout out Dallas and Dr. Finger. I had never had the actual doctor call me back to answer a questions when I was not even a patient yet. Dr Finger and Associates are my only choice when it comes to hair loss.

by Jim H, Hilton Head on Savannah Hair Transplant

had my hair transplant 7 months ago and now hundreds and hundreds of new hairs are growing in and more every week. I also had the PRP treatment before the transplant and I think it helped. My wife now wants to have the PRP treatments for her thinning hair. I highly recommend Dr. Finger and his team.

by Anonymous on Savannah Hair Transplant

I have been interested in having a hair transplant for years. Wish I had it done years ago. Even though it has been 4 months since the procedure, I have noticed a difference. It definitely has done wonders for my ego. I can not wait when a year has passed. The procedure was not painful. The recovery time was quick and I had no pain. I did have a little swelling around my eyes, but a few times with a cold compress and that went away in a few days. There was no down time. I can not even feel where the scar is from the transplant. Even Dr. Finger had problems finding it.

by Anonymous on Savannah Hair Transplant

I am a 58 year old male who finally decided to do something about my hair loss. For years I had contemplated a hair transplant but did not want the long scar across the back of my head associated with the strip technique. Through an internet search I came across a process called the FUE technique whereby the donor area grafts are harvested individually (no strip taken) utilizing a technology called NeoGraft. I researched this method extensively and was very impressed with the results. Being from South Carolina I found that Dr. Finger in Savannah (just 45 minutes away) was already utilizing this process. I set up an appointment and now just 8 months later I have had two procedures totaling over 4,000 grafts. The procedure was painless and on both occasions I was back to work within just a few days. I would highly recommend Dr. Finger and his technicians as they are very experienced and make the whole process very comfortable.

by Anonymous on Savannah Hair Transplant

It has been two years since I had my first NeoGraft hair transplant. I was pretty much bald on top but could only afford 750 grafts. The hair grew but was still sparse. A year later (last year) I had another 750 grafts. I am really happy with the results but really need another 1000 grafts for maximum density. I plan to undergo a 3rd session soon which should be my last procedure. Even if you can’t afford to have all the grafts done at the same time, doing it like I did still pays off. I am no longer bald and even better, my hair looks totally natural and I feel really good about myself!

PRP & NeoGraft Excellence!

Over the past several years, my hair has been falling out, especially right on the front top. I am a 58 year old woman and my hair loss made me feel like I was 80. My hair loss was completely genetic and no known medical condition was the cause. I saw Dr E Ronald Finger and after a short discussion, Dr Finger felt I would be a good candidate for the NeoGraft procedure since I still have a lot of hair on the sides and back of my head. 10 days prior to my procedure we did the PRP where they draw out your own blood, spin it and get the plasma out and then Dr Finger injected it into my soon to be graft spots. Dr. Finger warned me that usually most of the grafts fall out but the follicles stay in place. He was hoping that the PRP would help keep so much from falling out after the Neograft. On the day of the procedure, I was met by Dr Finger and the NeoGraft Procedure Team which consisted of three women. I was given some medication by mouth to relax me and also a pain pill as prescribed by Dr Finger. They pulled up and taped up a good bit of my hair in the back so that they could shave a strip all the way across the back of my head. They then deadened all of the area with lidocaine and proceeded to harvest 1,700 grafts. They then deaden the top of my head and transplanted the grafts. The entire procedure took about 3 1/2 hours. Dr Finger and the NeoGraft team gave me detailed instructions on how to care for my head. I did have a reaction to the lidocaine but this is a rare thing but leave it to me…. Anyway, after approximately 8 weeks after the procedure I am proud to say that the majority of my hair grafts did not fall out and I feel it was entirely due to the PRP procedure, the advise given by Dr Finger and the NeoGraftTeam. I feel so much better and even though I am still very thin on top and it is short, the hairs are growing. Dr Finger assures me it will take at least up to 12 months before I will see the final result of my Neograft. I am very satisfied and so pleased that I took that step. I feel better about myself, feel and look younger and can’t wait to see what it will look like in a year.

I highly recommend that if you do plan to have some hair grafts done, you will have the PRP before the grafts. I feel that it will give you the best results and you will get a jump start on your new hair growth.

ALL of Dr Finger’s Staff are great including the financial department, receptionists, and all medical staff. They make you feel well cared for and are excited with you.

NeoGraft is the way to go!

After doing my research into hair restoration, there was no reason for me to consider anything else but the NeoGraft way. I did not want a scar on the back of my head. I wanted the option of a short hair cut or even a complete shave – down the road. I also did not want to go through the extended healing and pain of the strip method offered to me by Bosley. I was willing to pay more for NeoGraft. It just made sense”.

Best Female Hair Restoration solution!

As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I decided on NeoGraft because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever made.”

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