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The team at Hair Restoration Savannah understands how important advances in technology are and offers NeoGraft Hair Restoration as a minimally invasive solution. Dr. E. Ronald Finger, the Medical Director of Hair Restoration Savannah, is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with over 35 years of medical experience. He welcomes you to Hair Restoration Savannah and encourages you to research your options in the area of Hair Restoration. Hair Restoration Savannah was the 1st in the Savannah and surrounding area to offer the NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure as an alternative to the traditional Strip Method. This site was created to give anyone searching for “Hair Loss Solutions” the option to learn more about Hair Restoration and for current patients to leave reviews and talk about their experience with the team at Hair Restoration Savannah.

As you know prior to going on vacation, the various sites get pulled up and if you see great reviews, you are more inclined to book that particular hotel or trip. As you know, Dr. Finger was not only the first to offer NeoGraft Hair Restoration, he was also the first board-certified plastic surgeon in the coastal empire. He is experienced and owns and operates Hair Restoration Savannah. He supervises the Transplants and sees patients pre-op and post-op to be certain all questions and concerns are addressed properly. Dr. Finger has helped many men and women restore their hair over the past decade and counts on reviews to have the opportunity to help more people suffering from hair loss.

Hair Restoration Savannah also offers the Strip Method and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. The PRP Scalp Treatment with or without Hair Restoration can have a powerful effect on the regrowth of grafted hair, promotes hair growth even without hair transplant.

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Savannah Hair Transplant
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 26 reviews
 by Anonymous
2000 Grafts Strip Hair Transplant

Couldn't be happier, especially after looking at my before pictures. Forehead area turned out nicely also. Highly recommend, it works!

 by Anonymous
2500 Grafts-Strip Hair Transplant - 5 Stars

Dr. Finger and his team did an amazing job with my transplant. I could not be happier with the results.

 by Kevin Strahm
Amazing Neograft Experience

I've had a wonderful experience so far with my NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedure at Finger and Associates. I'm 4 months post op at the time of this review and excited to see my hairline starting to change already. Patience is key, as I'm told I won't see the full effects for another year or so, but everything has healed perfectly and aside from some itchiness during healing (you can't scratch!) I was comfortable and the whole process was pretty painless. Dr. Finger's office provided me with simple, easy to follow instructions to follow post-op and I abided by them carefully. When you make this kind of investment in yourself you want the best results possible. It's been interesting to learn more about my hair, what causes it to thin/fall out, and then discover the shampoo, supplements, and potions to keep the hair I have and even thicken it. Can't wait for the final result but I'm expecting it to be amazing. I highly recommend Finger and Associates to anyone considering a NeoGraft procedure, you only live once, so go for it!

 by Sam N.
Amazing Strip Hair Transplant Results ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am very pleased with the results of my strip hair transplant. Dr. Finger and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend the procedure and Dr. Finger

 by M.V

I'm writing this review because of the amazing experience I had during my NeoGraft procedure at the Finger and Associates office in Savannah, Ga. After carefully researching different offices and big wig companies such as Bosley, I decided to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Fingers' office. I'm glad that I did. Not only did Dr. Finger take the time to answer all my questions (which I did have quite a few), but he called me a few days after my procedure to check-in on me. You may ask yourself "What kind of doctor calls his patients at home after a procedure?" The answer is a doctor who cares about the wellbeing of his patients. Also, all of his staff are great starting with the receptionists, the Financial Department, and the medical staff. This also includes his three technicians who performed my NeoGraft procedure. All three of them deserve special recognition for their spectacular work. It's only been a few weeks since my procedure, and the outcome was better than I could have hoped. I'm excited to see the final result in about 11 months. So, if you are looking for an excellent hair restoration clinic, look no further, because Finger and Associates are the one.

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