What Happened to my Eyebrows?

Regrow Your Eyebrows Like shapely lips, an attractive nose, and beautiful eyes, eyebrows can add or detract from the beauty of a face. When looking at photos of beautiful faces, almost uniformly the arch of the brow is between the middle third and the outer third of the brow. The position of the brow can […]

Healthy Eating For Hair Growth

Nutrients for Hair Growth Recently taken from the Women’s Health magazine was an article entitled “Feed Your Scalp.” It stated, Herbivores, take note: “Hair follicles can be sensitive to nutritional imbalance,” says Pullan, who notices that many of his female clients lose their hair when they become vegetarian. The thought is that they need more […]


How Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Aid in Hair Restoration GROW OLD FOREVER YOUNG! HAIR RESTORATION SAVANNAH NOW OFFERS BHRT THERAPY IN CONJUNCTION WITH HAIR RESTORATION AND/OR AS AN ALONE STANDING TREATMENT Since I began treating my patients with Bio Identical Hormones, I am frequently asked why I think someone should be taking hormone […]

NeoGraft questions answered

Savannah Hair Restoration Answers Frequently Asked Questions About NeoGraft Regain Your Hair, Restore Your Confidence. There is nothing more enjoyable then running your fingers though a full head of hair. Our hair is a symbol of beauty and vitality. Often times when we lose our hair, especially in women, we feel a loss of self-confidence. […]

Hair Restoration in Afro-American Women

Hair Restoration now specializes in Hair Restoration with the NeoGraft system. Typically it is used for men with male pattern baldness and women with thinning hair. Now, with NeoGraft we see hair restoration in Afro-American women. The NeoGraft system is the most modern approach to these hair loss problems. The result leaves no linear scar […]

Hair Transplant for Women

When the subject of hair transplant comes up, most people think of balding men. However, hair loss is the bane of both men and women, and this loss affects about 30 million women in the US. Hair loss begins in men as early as in the twenties, but in women, the problem begins to show […]

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women A woman’s hair is a sign of femininity and also one of the most admired features on her body. It’s well known that men are attracted to, and women are envious of luscious, flowing hair. Although male pattern baldness can be difficult to accept and live with, female pattern baldness can […]

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